Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme 2013

Prime Minister of Pakistan  has announced Free Laptop Scheme for Students across Pakistan.

The Prime Minister’s Scheme for Provision of Laptops is an attempt to enhance the scope of research and quality education in the country and increase the access to information technology.

Eligibility criteria

Students, both male and female, registered in an HEC approved educational institution are eligible for the scheme. All masters/doctoral students and 50% under-graduate students will get the laptop.

Geographical Spread

The scheme has nationwide outreach; students registered in an HEC approved institute from across Pakistan can benefit from the scheme.

Cost per laptop

As an approximate, each laptop will be worth Rs.40,000.

Total Number

A total of 100,000 students from across Pakistan will be awarded a laptop.

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14

The scheme has an allocated budget of Rs.4.0 billion for the financial year 2013-2014.

Executing Agency

The Higher Education Commission (HEC)/Ministry of Education and Trainings will be the central executing agency for the scheme.

The Government of the Punjab has successfully implemented the scheme to provide free laptops to students in the past. Therefore, the pattern and parameters adopted in Punjab shall be replicated in the design and implementation of the scheme.

Local Manufacturing

The Higher Education Commission is in negotiation with manufacturers for local assembly of laptop computers. This would increase the initiative’s feasibility with reference to a growth in the popularity of this scheme.


You can apply in PM’s Scheme for Provision of Laptop as per eligibility criteria mentioned below. The federal cabinet has already given approval to all these initiatives.

All arrangements for the implementation of these programs have been completed. The laptop provision program will be completely on merit basis and transparent.

Therefore only eligible candidates should apply for this program.

Prime Ministry Youth Program Laptop Scheme Application Form

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  1. Thiss scheme is too good

  2. abdullah says:

    sir, just wana download reg. application but failed to download it.. plz send me reg. application form for laptop scheme on my email. thanks

  3. Dauteuil says:

    Impressive items below. We are very glad to visit your submit. Thank you for writing about onward to make contact with anyone. Can you nicely shed me a e-mail?

  4. hussain ali says:

    sir i like ur scheme

  5. raheel khan says:

    form is not avaible here,i need it sir p,z snd it to my email

  6. Nasir shahzad says:

    it is good for promotion of education

  7. falak ch says:

    sir laptop k lye reg aplicat0n kase lyn

  8. rabia says:

    AOA,sir how to register for laptop?kindly reply.will be thankful for ur anticipation.

  9. Tauqeer Ahmad says:

    Just another encouraging step from newly elected Government, I hope it would not be just a promise, I am looking forward to this scheme as well, Because I think I do deserve one at least………… Hope there would not be nepotism again specially for kpk youth

  10. Karamat Ghous says:

    sir i am having a problem with respect to registeration process of laptop scheme. the page for registeration is’nt opening if u have the form kindly mail me. please may Allah Bless u

  11. m.salman says:

    very very good scheme shahbaz shareef sahab

  12. Sybil Gill says:

    how to register for a laptop

  13. ahmad ali says:

    I need application form plz send to my address.

  14. uzair says:

    sir hume application form mail karn plz sir… ye mere id hy.

  15. MAnsoor says:

    will be thankful , if any one mail me the form on [ ], cause i can’t download it , thanks… :)

  16. Qasim Bajwa says:

    kya koi laptop k lia merit btay ga plz…

  17. HAMID says:

    plz tell me sombody that how i will be apply for this .from where i will get form

  18. HAMID says:

    sir kindly send me application form at this email.

  19. sanam says:

    i have passed in 559 marks and nom i am a student of in iiui plz send me form for laptop

  20. ali danial says:

    Sir, please send me reg. Form to my email addres.
    Best regards

  21. rauf ur rehman says:

    respected sir i am really want to get a laptop
    kindly send me the appication form through this e mail

  22. jan sher khan says:

    Sir, i need application form for laptop. my email is ( plzzzz…

  23. annie says:

    sir, just wana download reg. application but failed to download it.. plz send me reg. application form for laptop scheme on my email. thanks

  24. Dawood says:

    Please send me application form at my mail addres

  25. Laiba Ayub says:

    plz send me the registration form for laptop scheme…I have got 74% in 1st smester of MSc

  26. Hassan Ullah SHah says:

    Please email me the Application Form

  27. Shamsa kanwal says:

    kab start hogi registration???????

  28. usama khalil says:

    plz sir send me the registration form to this email

  29. merub says:

    koi batae ga plzzz k laptop scheme ki rgistration kb strt honi hai n merit kia hai aply krne ka inter base pe :) aj 21 november ho gyi stilll no update :/

  30. danish says:

    laptop scheme kb strt oraha hai

  31. Noman Ali says:

    I Like Ur Scheme

  32. Noman Ali says:

    Sir plz snd me regestratin form

  33. SHAHZAD UL HASAN says:

    sir i am a poor student in class bsc computer i want to lap top plz plz plz my e mail address p application form bajh din plz plz i want to lap top plz plz help me

  34. shahid says:

    hellow sir this application foam failed please send me foam in my mail box

  35. inamullah says:

    good scheme and goods news …..
    but there is problem that the application is not available and not online registration .
    so plz share the method for applying the laptop scheme.
    thanks !

  36. Imtiaz says:

    sir please send me registration form by mail, my mail is :

  37. kuku says:

    murdagawa mehngai khatma ka, da laptops sara de khaza oghaim dala

  38. luqman ullah says:

    sallam sir may name is luqman ullah i am student plz send me reg. application form for laptop scheme on my email. thanks

  39. Tahir Soomro says:

    Please email me the Application Form…..

  40. Asma Sarfraz says:

    There is no application form available….can anyone mail..??
    My Email ID is

    Thank you….

  41. Adeel Sarwar says:

    Sir je plz mujhy bi is sceme me shamil kar len

  42. Attaullah says:

    Assalam o alaikum
    good scheme but one thing is not understood that if a student studying in bcs bachelor of computer science is ineligible.
    Plz ractify the features in order to give benifit to actually needy students getting bachelor degree in computer/information technology.
    Attaullah memon Karachi

  43. kehkshan says:

    slam sir
    kindly inform me about application can i get thiIS?PLZ send it to my email i want a laptop because im eligble for this.

  44. usman ali says:

    sir i want to get the laptop so ggive me detail about this ??

  45. altaf hussain says:

    send me form to this id

  46. shahab khan says:

    hamara arboo kharch karahan paar atne zehmat nai ke k atleast form ke site to bata do q khawar kararha ho aur students ka keemte time waiste kararha ho,agar nai ready programe to date mention kardo k kb hoge on line registration ,or agra hogai ha registration date end to wo mention kardo ,,i think p m sahab na afteta keya wo ghar chala gai aur ap logo ne atne zahmat gawra nai k site update karden,,,,for god sake do your jobe honestly.request u

  47. ayesha says:

    any please email me the application form on my bro email

  48. tasleem ahmed says:

    if the date is over for P.M laptop scheme. tell me . !

  49. salim abbas says:

    plz tel me how i can apply for p.m laptop??i’m not getting the registration form plz mail it to me…thnkx

  50. Nabila says:

    form is not avaible here,i need it sir p,z snd it to my email. bcoz m as per eligibility criteria.

  51. Nabila says:

    plz send me the registration form for laptop schem on my email addres

  52. zahidaqyyum says:

    thank you so much u give us this scheme of laptop ,sir plz provide me apllication foam .

  53. riazuddin says:

    This scheme is very crucial for student future reasearch

  54. sher ali says:

    sir plz send me application form for laptop scheme on my email id plz

  55. Abdullah says:

    sir when start to laptop scheme ?

  56. Anayat Umar says:

    Where is the Damn Fucking application form Ganje……??

    I have search all the damn Google but Google refuses to result any Laptop scheme.
    Liar are always Liar whether they are in Holy place.

    • Uzma nasim says:

      Sir g mera admission govt post graduate college samundri me (M.A) islamyat me hva he.aur mery marks 61% he but meri laptop ki registration ni ho ri plzzzzz plzzz Sir g mery registration ki jay aur mujhe laptop se nawazaa jay mujhe registration form send kia jay plzzzzz Sir g mujhe ap ki mail ka intazar rehy ga

  57. ali raza says:

    when laptop wil distribute

  58. zara mustafa says:

    sir plz send me application form for laptop scheme on my email id plz

  59. zeeshan ahmad says:

    sir snd me registration form plz

  60. Mhr Shahid says:

    plz snd me registration form by email.
    My Email is:

  61. iqra says:

    Assalam o ALaikum
    form is not available here kindly send it to my email.

  62. mjhe bi do laptop…..

  63. malik qayoom says:

    sir, i need download reg. application but failed to download it.. plz send me reg. application form for laptop scheme on my email. thanks pls sir

  64. saima says:

    plz send me registration form on my email id.I am unable to find.

  65. Muhammad waqas saleem says:

    sir i am doing from University of central punjab gujranwala campus.
    nd i have done in 2011 with 1st division 61% marks i really need a laptop 4 making my assignments ..
    i will be very thankful 2 you if u help me…
    plz send me registration form…..

  66. Muhammad waqas saleem says:

    plz send me registration form on

  67. hafeez khan says:

    Kindly Sir,
    send me application form for labtop scheme

  68. sana says:

    kindly send me the application form of labtop scheme.

  69. khadeeja sarhadi says:

    sir its hard to download the registration form send it to my email account i am student o f master

  70. Muhammad Yameen says:

    AOA. dear sir
    I am a disable student of BS (IT) at virtual university of pakistan. I have got 64 percent markss in in ICS(math, computer, economics).My student ID is bc120401408 As you know there is online study and and we can listeen lectures on computer. So I have great need of laptop but I could not buy it because my parrents can’t afford.p

  71. shahid says:

    hey sir from where we can download registration form ?????? send me form please ..

  72. irshad says:

    sar laptop keyleay ik hi merit hona chaye ya inter ya uni gpa

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